1st Women Dentists' Leadership Conference

Friday, 11.01.2019
Science & Practice, Dr. Henriette Terezia Lerner, PD Dr. Dr. Christiane Gleissner
Dentista e.V. (Dentista)
Dr. Vesna Barac Furtinger
Strength in togetherness
PD Dr. Dr. Christiane Gleissner
Why we need research in gender dentistry
Dr. MSc MBA Paula Vassallo
A smile often says it all - The role of female dental practitioners in policy implementation
Prof. Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes
Being a woman oral surgeon in a man's world
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina Dragan
A visionary perspective for dentistry: integrating clinical care with research in a learning environment
Prof. Devorah Schwartz-Arad
Why failure is a key to success
Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao
Give the lady a knife - why I chose to follow my path in dental surgery
Politics & Leadership, Dr. Vesna Barac Furtinger, Dr. Kathleen Menzel
Dentista e.V. (Dentista)
Dr. MSc Juliane von Hoyningen-Huene
How to develop a professional political association out of a female dentist's network
Dr. MSc Ana Stevanovic
Stayin' alive - survival guide for women in the dental business
Being the first female president of FDI ,World Dental Federation, after 105 years history, Michèle Aerden explains her fascinating career trajectory to the highest international office in the dental profession.
The first part of her message is that at any time, if you want it, you can change the direction of your live. From Manager of fashion business to first female President of Dental Associations. To achieve this, it is not necessary to sacrifice your private live but important to balance.
The next issue of Michèle Aerden address is to show the need of more women on decisional levels within professional organisations. It is best to act as a section within the dental association; otherwise, you will never be part of the decision-making. Women do have the necessary skills to reach those positions. She explains the main reasons why she initiated Women in Dentistry and developed from European level to global level, from FDI Working group to FDI Section. Role models and network are crucial.
And finally Michèle Aerden comments her statement: "Only by taking leadership positions can you achieve sustainable changes"
One of Michèle's priorities as FDI President was the integration of oral health part of general health. During each of her visits in nearly 60 countries, she consistently met the President of the country or the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Health and sometimes Minister of Education in order to advocate for a strategy of Oral Health integrated into the strategy of General Health through prevention, planning and budget. "No general health without oral health!!" is her leitmotiv.
She obtained tangible results during those visits and always received large media coverage.
Michèle Aerden gives examples of her achievements by using her leadership position as a tool for sustainable changes worldwide.
Dr. Anke Handrock
How to use positive psychology to develop your leadership skills
Sevim Canlar
Don't hesitate to sell (yourself) - online marketing as a key to success
Monday morning, you are at 8 o'clock in the morning in your practice, two employees have reported sick and there are already the first pain patients in the waiting room. The first patients need a lot of attention and you are mercilessly behind schedule. Your e-mail inbox is full of emails that you have to edit in a timely manner and at 10 o'clock calls the Kita and tells that your child has a fever and must be picked up. Every day there are such challenges that need to be mastered. How is it possible to handle this hullabaloo? How do I stay resilient? and what all this has to do with a children's animated film, you can hear it in my presentation.
Colonel Dr. Sandra Chmieleck
Just an ordinary day: a female dentist in the Federal Armed Forces Medical Service
Dr. Henriette Terezia Lerner
The future is today: integrating the digital era in the daily office
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